The Easy Way to Catch the Shapewear Trend of 2023

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Our bodies are definitively imperfectly perfect and we are thankfully in an era where we are more accepting of our bodies and their imperfections. For sure there are parts of our bodies that we love and are our favorites and some others that we wish were better. Usually, some women want slimmer waists or and some want rounder butts. There’s always exercise but until you go to the gym and sweat it out you can always use shapewear to reach your goals.

You can consider shapewear and a body shaper as women’s best-kept secret to achieving flattering silhouettes basically instantly. Shapewear is a garment that helps shape bodies the way the wearer wants to shape them, no matter if the goal is to enhance or conceal. And no matter your size or body type you’ll always find something that is suitable for everyone and their needs.

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Here are some of the different shapewear styles and how you can easily style them and know how they work. We can start with the bodysuits. A thong shapewear bodysuit will be one that in appearance will look more like a swimsuit and will target areas such as the waist, bust, tights, love handles, and rear, giving you a bulge-free and smooth look.

There are some different types that you can choose from depending on your own needs. This type is ideal for the ones looking for a full body, bulge free and slender look. And are usually worn with tees, shirts, and bodycon dresses.

Then we have the waist cincher or waist trainer. It is worn around the waist area and it will shape and sculpt the tummy region and waistline.  Once again, there are different styles for you to choose from, from corsets to slip-ons and girdles. It is ideal for those looking to get a slimmer waist and flatten their stomach areas. It can be worn under fitted tops, dresses, and also shirts.

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There are also tummy-tucking panties or briefs. These were designed for those who want to shape and support the lower body area. They target the sides and butt areas as well as the waist and tummy areas. These are ideal for those who want to get rid of what is called a muffin top and also want to get a well-defined and smooth butt. You can wear them under trousers, linen pants, jeans, shirts, skirts, and dresses.

Tight shapers are also an option for you. These are perfect for those who want to wear a pencil skirt. They are worn like shorts and are always very convenient. These are ideal for those who look to get firm tights, a round well shaped butt, and also a waist. Of course, you can wear them under pencil skirts, and tight dresses or pants.

And finally, there are shaping vests and camis. If you have a heavier chest area these are the perfect shapewear styles for you. They’ll define your upper body area, providing compression at the right spots and distributing the fat tissues correctly. They target areas like the sides, belly, waist, bust, and back and are ideal for women who want to get a seamless, slender, and bulge-free upper body silhouette. Can be worn under formal shirts, dresses, and tees.

There are some things to have in mind, like do’s and don’ts when it comes to your shapewear. For example, the wear time. You should wear them according to the compression level they have. If the compression is slow, it can be worn for 8-12 hours, 6-8 hours for medium compression, and 4-6 hours when the compression is high. And don’t forget to listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel like you need to take yours off before the time you are supposed to wear it, then do it.

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Always buy the correct size. In this case, smaller doesn’t mean better support and eventually can turn very uncomfortable and harm your body. Always read the size charts and reviews so you can find your perfect fit. Hygiene is very important. It is important that you read the cleaning instructions and follow them. Also, it is important to wear either a panty liner or underwear when you are wearing shapewear that focuses on the bottom areas to keep them clean. And don’t share your shapewear.

And the most important thing is that you don’t let the shapewear trend pass because you feel or think that you don’t have the body for it. You can achieve your dream silhouette by picking the right shapewear.

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